#Ad Data Research

Ask: Create your own research project. Conduct a study. Present findings.

Answer: Influencers Participation in Sponsored Content Using #Ad and the Effects of its Use on Twitter Engagement

Team: Annika Minges + Brittani Lancaster + Britta Bauer

Role: Researcher.

What We did

Using RStudio, we scraped Twitter to determine the relationship between the presence and absence of #ad on an influencer’s account and the effect it will have on that individual’s engagement.

Who We Studied

We did a case study on Kendall Jenner’s feed. We chose Kendall because she is one of the only famous Kardashian-Jenner siblings who doesn’t have her own products allowing her more freedom to work with brands as an ambassador. She also has had previous PR scandals in the past in regards to advertising. Specifically, her lack of transparency in the Fyre Festival advertisements has led her to a lawsuit.

What were the results

The results of our research actually refuted our original hypothesis. We believed that #ad would decrease the number of favorites the tweet received, however, the tweets containing #ad actually had almost double the amount of favorites as the average tweet without #ad.

final poster.jpg